Setting up your Sub Decorations

During the site setup process, we will ask you to fill out our Sub Decoration Spreadsheet so we can upload the cost prices of your decorators to the website so any products on the website which dont have a print included in the price will automatically match to the sub decoration prices you uploaded in the spreadsheet. 

For example, a Cap will come undecorated and will need to be linked to a sub decoration.

Caps will always have the Main Decoration HEADDEC attached to it in the datafile (we do this part) and all you need to do is create Sub Decorations to hang off this Main Decoration in the spreadsheet. For example, something you may link to HEADDEC would be Embroidery to Front of Cap 5000 Stitches and then you would proceed to enter in the cost details in the spreadsheet from your decorator. 

Then every time someone selects an undecorated Cap from your website, it will always show "Embroidery to Front of Cap 5000 Stitches" in the sub decoration drop down menu. You can add multiple decorations to each main decoration. 

Please find attached to the bottom of this tutorial, the Sub Decoration spreadsheet you will need to fill out for your undecorated products online.


You must enter the Decoration Cost Prices EXCLUDING GST. 


Example here: Click to view larger example

The parts in yellow are the Main Decoration Codes which are our Standard MyPromoSource Codes. These should not be changed, as they have to match whats in our datafiles.  

Here is an explanation of our Main Decoration Codes:

DIGTRANS: Digital transfers onto or garments

EMBB – Embroidery to Bags

EMBG – Embroidery to Garments

SCRB – Screen print to Bags

SCRG – Screen print to Garments

PAD – Pad print to small items

SCRP – Screen print to medium sized items

STK – Sticker price plus cost of application per item

NODEC – supplied plain, no prices go here

PRINTINC – print is included in the cost price already – this happens with some of our datafiles

LEN – Laser Engrave

EMBOS – embossed

HEADDEC – Headwear decoration

UMB – umbrella prints



Column A – this is a unique code you enter, no one sees this but the back end. You can make up whatever code you need as long as its unique.

Column B – Decoration Name: is the name in the drop down menu, everyone who visits your website sees this when they are on your product pages.

Column C – Main Decoration code. You link prices to whatever main decoration you want.

Column D – Priority. In this column, you assign only ONE decoration per main decoration to ALWAYS show at the TOP of the top down menu and be visible on the product page for the client to see. Put a 99 in the field you want to show first. We recommend having a decoration in your data called "Click here to view decorations" and assign that to have a 99 priority to show first. Alternatively you can make your lowest cost decoration appear first perhaps Supplied Plain or Small Embroidery or 1 Colour Pad Print etc. 



Would show like this on the product page:


Column E – Rank. Here you can rank your sub decorations in order from 1 - 100 to appear in any order you want in the drop down menu. 

We recommend grouping decorations together starting with the lowest cost one. For example, 1 Colour Pad Print would have a rank of 1, then 2 Colour Pad Print would have a rank of 2, 3 Colour Pad print would have a rank of 3. This ranking tool is there to make your decoration menu look nice and tidy. 




Would end up like this:



Column F – Setup goes here. If it’s a 2 colour print with a $50 setup per colour then you'd put $100

The rest is the qty/price columns. Min qty to be 10 

Column G - This is how you show it to clients. 1 means it will show to clients, 0 means it will only show to Users which are your staff members who log in and use for quoting only. 


You can do this as complex or a simple as you want. Examples of how others do it in the past include:

  • Simple Sub Decorations with options such as 1 colour print, 2 colour print and embroidery of a standard size.
  • More Complex Sub Decorations with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 colour print options, multiple embroidery sizes, repeat and new screen printing prices etc
  • Some have simple decorations showing and more complex ones hidden for staff to use, using the column G in the spreadsheet and by putting a 0 in the columns of the decorations you want to hide to the public. 


Once your sub decoration spreadsheet is filled out, you can email your Gun Web Representative to check to see if the file is correct and ok to load. Once Ok to load, you can

  1. Log into your site as a User
  2. Go to Edit/View/Remove Sub Decorations

3. Here you can Export the decorations already in the system, or you can Import your new ones. Select Import.


4. follow the prompts and upload your sub decoration file. File must be saved in .xls version, to upload. 

Any issues or errors contact Gunweb Systems for Support

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