Adding a Product to the Latest Products Area

On your website, if discussed at the time of website setup, you may have a function called Latest Products where you can select products from within your website to sit under a page or slider called Latest Products, or whatever other name you would like to give it.

Here is an example of a slider version:


The Latest Products function is located here, in the Admin Panel.



To Add a Product to your page or slider, click the Add Latest Products button.

Search for the item you want, and tick the box and click the update: Latest Products Button shown here:



If you want to add products outside your website, you will need to upload a Custom Datafile with all the product information on it. Then you may selected your uploaded product from the list once you load it to your website. Tutorial here on Custom Datafiles: 


To remove a latest product, go to the Admin Panel > Edit/View/Remove Latest Products and remove the item here.



Tick the ones you want to remove, and click Remove.




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