Uploading Product Sizes

After you familiarise yourself with uploading products, you must then upload the product sizes to your website so clients can order whatever size they want.


1. Once logged in as an Administrator, go to the Export & Import Product Quantity Button



2. Click the Export Button next to Product Quantity to download the Product Quantity Spreadsheet.



3. Open your downloaded file



4. When you open the file, click YES



5. Fill out the spreadsheet similar to the below

Column A: Enter product CODE

Column B: Product Name

Column C: Size of Garment (You can use numbers and letters)

Column D: How much stock or quantity you have

Column E: Size display order. Have running numbers here so when your sizes are on the product page they are displayed in order of smallest to largest. 



6. After you are done, save your file as an .XLS file

7. Go back to the Administration Panel and click the Export & Import Product Quantity Button again



Then Choose your file, and click IMPORT


8. Once the data is loaded you can check a product to see how it turned out:

The first example will look like this:



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