Exceeded Bandwidth Error

What is Website Bandwidth?

When referring to a website, Bandwidth is a technical measuring term which refers to the volume of information/data being moved on your site.

This can include customer traffic, user traffic, having high resource items on your site for people to download etc. 


How much Bandwidth does our site have?

Each month, your website is given 4GB of Bandwidth to handle all the appropriate traffic your site will receive unless otherwise agreed on with GunWeb Systems. 


What happens when I run out of Bandwidth for that month?

If your site runs out of bandwidth before the month is out, your site will be temporarily down showing this error:


How do I fix it fast?

If you notice your site is down due to Exceeded Bandwidth, please contact GunWeb Systems immediately by phoning 02 43) 020 160 or emailing us at our 24/7 ticket system: 


Will having extra Bandwidth added incur a cost?

If you need extra bandwidth added, we charge $15 + GST per 1GB to be added to your site and that should be enough to see you through til the end of the month when it resets depending on how much traffic your site is getting that month. 

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