Website Alerts and Meanings

When you are setting up your website, you need to let the system know what email addresses you want certain alerts to go to. Please see below an explanation of what alerts we have:

Once you click into an area, you can ADD or REMOVE email addresses for alerts.


Client Registration Alerts

You get an email alert whenever: A client registers onto your website. 

Why you need this: To approve registrations if you have approval needed turned on, or to keep track of new clients using your website to make contact with.


Contact Page Alerts

You get an email alert whenever: Someone uses your contact us form or quick quote form to send you a message.

Why you need this: So you don't miss out on inquiries generated by the website.


Export Email List

Function: Use this button to export a CSV (Excel Spreadsheet) list of your current clients you have listed on your website. This will include client information such as name, company, phone number and email addresses.

Why you need this: If they have ticked the box to be on your newsletter list, you can use this list to grab out email address to add to your newsletter list in the future. 


Quote BCC Email

You get an email alert whenever: Anyone creates a quote online

Why you need this: To keep a record of all quotes being generated online


Site Admin Email

You get an email alert whenever: Certain Admin Changes are made to the website 

Why you need this: To know whats going on with your site

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