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Release ANZPP_698 June 2018

Download the PDF for full Release Notes for ANZPP_698; link at the end of this topic.


Release ANZPP_696 August 2016

Fixed a problem where the imprint template editor or the Xebra Clientmight crash if you copied and pasted within the template editor and the template had duplicate fonts where one of these duplicate fonts was used in pdf artwork that contained XObject /Form elements. The paste deletes duplicate resources and updated all references to the deleted resource, but it was not checkingXObject /Form resources.

Release ANZPP_691 June 2016

If Inactive is checked on an item record, made the following changes:
Associated E-Commerce items will not show up on web sites (after a refresh) even if e-commerce catalog entries remain for the inactive item.
Prevented adding inactive items to E-Commerce catalogs.
Prevented adding new CSI control records for inactive items.
Removed inactive items from Xebra Customer Specific Inventory > Actions > Adjust list.
Removed inactive items from Xebra Customer Specific Inventory > Actions > Usage list.
Removed inactive items from Xebra Customer Specific Inventory > Actions > Post Physical Inventory list.
Removed inactive items from Xebra Customer Specific Inventory > Actions > Reports > Usage And Inventory

Added an Inactive checkbox to the Xebra Customer Specific Inventory window.
This Inactive checkbox is specific to a single CSI control record and allows
you to mark a control record inactive without making the product inactive. This
is useful for situations where you still offer a product but it is no longer to
be stored in CSI or it is to be stored in a different CSI location.

For the Customer Specific Inventory Reports: Price by Location, Cost by Location, and Value by Location, Added:
option to show Customer Owned Items Only or Bill As Shipped Items Only or All Items
option to show items in warehouse at least a designated number of months.


Release no 685 Release Notes

- Fixed a problem in E-Commerce where imprint items could get the error "Could not load product information" on the Edit Imprint page
even if there was a valid item setup for that item. This problem was introduced with changes on 12/23/11 made concerning sorting of items in search results.
- Updated the E-Commerce web site refresh to fix problems where in certain situations, some files might not have been transferred to the web server that should have been transferred.


Release version ANZPP_682. May 2015

Install the update through Xebra Setup > Actions > Check For Update. The release contains the following changes:

- Fixed a problem that could have crashed the Xebra Server while searching for a contact record.

- Made changes to long text string handling in ODBC to prevent truncation of text greater than 255 characters.

- Changed the Sales Tax caption to GST on the Financial Review windows for Quoting and Order Entry.

- In Xebra Utilities > Mail Merge, added a Master Customer prompt and a Customer Billing prompt and changed the caption of the Customer prompt to Customer Shipping. You can now filter by customer at any of these three
levels. Added a "Limit to master customers only" check box which will
cause the export to be based on master customers instead of customer shipping records. Added a "Limit to billing customers only" record will which cause the export to be based on customer billing records rather than customer shipping records. You can't check both "Limit to master customers only" and "Limit to billing customers only". Made changes to the contact handling in mail merge including the addition of new export columns:
sContactPhone, sContactFax, sContactEmail, bContactPhone, bContactFax, and bContactEmail. The original fields (sPhone, sFax, sEmail, bPhone, bFax,
bEmail) represent information at the company or physical location level.
The Contact[Phone,Fax,Email] fields represent the information that is tied directly to a contact record in Xebra. If the contact records don't have any phone, fax, or email information, then the new contact related fields will simply duplicate the information in the company related fields. Added
a check box "Include all contacts for each customer record". If the goal
of your mail merge is to generate one row in the export per mailing address, you would leave the "Include all contacts for each customer record" checkbox unchecked. This would limit the export to showing only the default contact for each location. If the goal of your mail merge is to target people (for example via email), you would check the "Include all contacts for each customer record" check box. This would result in one row in the export for each contact record. The information specific to the customer record (mailing address) would be duplicated for each contact related to that customer record. The "Include all phone, fax, and email for each contact"
check box controls how to handle the information for each contact. If the check box is unchecked only the default phone, fax, and email will be shown in the export fields for the contact. If the check box is checked, all phone, fax, and email addresses stored with the contact will be shown in a single cell of the export with each value separated by a semicolon.

ANZPP 681 - Released 21 November, 2014

- Made changes to the CSI Create New Receipt functionality so that creating a new receipt won't generate low stock warnings between making the adjustment and creating the new receipt.

- Added Sale Estimate and % Probability prompts to the Quote Summary window. Added columns for these new fields to the Outstanding Quote and Quote Conversion reports and exports.

ANZPP 680 - Released 19 September, 2014

- Added JOB_SPECIAL_INSTRUCTIONS as a new available field for the Misc. Job Document.

- Added a new Product Images Import Type to Xebra Utilities > Data Import. The Product Images TXT File must be a delimited file with two columns. The first column must be PRODUCT_CODE. The second column must be IMAGE_FILE_NAME. The actual image files must be in the same directory as the .txt file path that you supply.

- Reverted the way that required fields work on the Customer Shipping window back to the way they are enforced in the PI system.

- Made changes so that if the Warehouse is selected in a Web User record and that web user places an order for a warehouse item that is stored in multiple warehouses, the warehouse specified on the web user record will be used by default when processing the order as long as that is a valid warehouse for the item in CSI.

- Fixed a problem in Prospecting where the Xebra Client would crash if Tel, Fax, Dir Tel, and Mobile were all filled in with long numbers.

ANZPP 679 - Released 3 July, 2014

- In Xebra E-Commerce, for the checkout and payment pages, added the following tags that will be replaced with Y or N based on Web User settings:
These flags can be used in custom JavaScript to control functionality on the checkout or payment page where alternate addresses are normally allowed.

ANZPP 678 - Released 22 May, 2014

- Fixed a problem with the AP Aging report where it was crashing if the remittance name was greater than 42 characters.

ANZPP 677 - Released 23 April, 2014

- Changes to the Mitre 10 export format to show negative value invoices as credits.

ANZPP 676 - Released 16 April, 2014

- Changed the line item description handling in the mitre 10 invoice export file format.

ANZPP 675 - Released 14 April, 2014

- Variable Imprint: Created a workaround for a problem with Internet Explorer 11 where when you selected an image for a template, the image selection frame would not resize properly to fit the loaded images.

- Variable Imprint: Created a workaround for a problem with Internet Explorer 11 where when you selected artwork for a template, the artwork selection frame would not resize properly to fit the loaded artwork.

- Added a missing file that was required to support RGB to CMYK color conversion in variable imprint template handling.

- Made changes to CSI confirmation options to allow a secondary confirm to summary billing after the primary confirm to a billing job for those releases that are forced to confirm to a particular billing job first. Secondary confirm option is limited to summary billing.

ANZPP 674 - Released 9 April, 2014

- Change to the Mitre 10 invoice export format to ha




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