Supplier Sequence: Supplier Ranking

You can give a value to a supplier to make their range appear first when searching through the Product Category Menu. You have the options to choose your most favored suppliers to appear first over suppliers you may not use often. 

In order for this to work you must allocate a number to each and every supplier. Suppliers with no number or a 0 will appear before those with a number so its best to start with 1 and work upwards.

Those with the lowest number will appear first when searching via the product category menus. 


1. Log in as a user.

2. Click Edit/View/Remove Suppliers to see the supplier area


3. This is the Sequence Area


4. Find the supplier you want to edit and click Edit


5. Enter the supplier sequence number in this area and click submit to save the change


6. Repeat this step for all suppliers until every one of them has a number allocated to them.


You can have the same number allocated to different suppliers, for example in the above image Bottle of Australia and Bisley Workwear both have a number 1. This case can work because Bottles of Australia will appear number 1 for Bottles because Bisley dont offer drink bottles. And Bisley will come first for Workwear because Bottles of Australia do not do workwear.


7. You can test your supplier sequence by browsing through your Product Menu

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