Updating your Banners/Sliders

In this tutorial you will find out how to to find the size of your banner and how to load a new one or delete an old one.


1. Log in as a user.

2. We then need to find out the size of the banner before we upload a new one and make sure our banner matches the size exactly. 


Checking Image Sizes on Google Chrome: Right click the Image and click Inspect

Then the information is here


Checking Image Sizes on Mozilla Firefox: Right click the Image and click View Image Info

Then check to see what the image size is, in this case its the Scaled Image size is what we need:

So the size of the banner in this case needs to be 1165 pixels wide by 293 pixels high exactly otherwise the image will blur or stretch and be incorrect. 


Checking Image Sizes on Internet Explorer: Right click the Image and click Properties

Then see the image size here:



3. After you have figured out the size of the banner you can resize your banner to suit the same size. Information on resizing images can be found here

4. Once you have resized your image you can load it to your site. When you are logged in as a user you can see depending on your site there might be different ways to upload a banner.

Option 1: On the Administration page there could be a button that says Edit Home Page Banners - click this

Option 2: Go to your home page banner and there will be an edit button called Update Scrolling Banner on top of it, click the edit button


Both ways come to the same page, the uploading banner section.

Click Add new Image to add a new banner:



Then fill out the form and press submit


Image: Upload your resized image here

Title: This is what your banner is called in the back end so you know what is it

ALT Tag Title: When you hover your mouse over the banner this alt tag will appear

Description: For your records

Link: Add a URL here for the banner to have a hyperlink


Then check your banner to make sure its working OK.


5. You can update the order of banners, edit and remove banners on this page


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