Populating your Products Menu

In this tutorial we will show you how to alter your products menu by adding/removing top level categories and adding/removing sub categories and also creating Custom Categories. 

How to add/remove a new Top Level Category (Main Category):

This is a Top Level Category: Your MyPromoSource website will come with standard Main Category Headings which you can customise to suit your business. 

To Add a new Top Level Category first Log in as an Admin > Add Top Level Categories / Top Level Category List > Enter in the New Name for your Top Level Category and Press Submit. 

Once your Top Level Category has been entered, you can Turn on Category Position Edit Mode and rearrange how your Top Level Categories sit in the menu. Change to alphabetical order or most popular, its up to you. Once you have finished Turn Off the mode to save the changes. 

To Remove a Top Level Category - click the Remove button on the category you dont want anymore and it will remove the Category and its entire contents. 


How to add/remove Sub Categories (Which sit under Main Categories):

Once you have setup your Top Level Categories, its time to populate them with some Sub Categories. MyPromoSource has a standard list of Sub Categories we use and you can find the list at the bottom of the tutorial. The Categories are dependent on what Catalogues and how many Catalogues you have loaded to your website. 

To Add a Sub Category, Log in as an Admin > Add Top Level Categories / Top Level Category List > Add Categories under the Main Category you want.

A search page comes up and you type in a keyword or part of a keyword and press Search. A list of available sub categories will appear and you tick the ones you want and click Submit to add. Do this until you get the desired amount of sub categories. 


To Remove Sub Categories, Add Top Level Categories / Top Level Category List > View Content > Remove any unwanted Sub Categories. 


How to Create Custom Categories.

Custom categories are created in the back end by combining existing MyPromoSource Sub Categories into the 1 Sub Category and giving it a unique name.

For Example, if I combine the sub categories - Blankets, Picnic Sets and BBQ Sets into the 1 Category I can call it a new name like Picnic Days and tell it to sit under a certain Top Level Category.

  1. Enter the Custom Category Name
  2. Select where it will sit under
  3. Add the categories
  4. Upload an image if your website has that functionality
  5. Click Submit

Then it will appear under the heading of your choosing.


View our video here:

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