Advanced Search URL Creator

In this tutorial we will show you what the Advanced URL Creator is, and how to use the Advanced Search URL Creator when dealing with your clients or creating content for your web pages. If you do not have this on your website and would like to have it implemented please call us on 02 43 020 160 to have it arranged. 


What is the Advanced Search URL Creator? 

This special function creates a custom URL based on the searching parameters you select in the creation process, which you can then copy and paste and send to clients to view or use as hyperlinks on your website/content pages. 

Custom searches can be things like Polos from Biz Collection only or T-Shirts with Red in the description from Ramo and Bocini. Umbrella and the word Unisex in the description from Legend. 



Firstly, log in as a User and click Advanced Search URL located here:

This is what the Advanced URL Creator looks like before you enter any values:

 If I wanted a URL that will bring up anything with Polo in the Name, and the word Black in the description from the range: BIZ it would look like this:



How can I use the Advanced Search URL Creator? 

  • Send custom links to clients to better direct them to certain items
  • Create banners on your website and link them to more refined searches
  • Use it to help you quote specific items faster 





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