Create a warehouse

Select View > Warehouse from the Customer Specific Inventory node menu bar.


Commands > New to create a new warehouse location.

PLEASE NOTE:  When you make your Warehouse Code, give it a 01 prefix, for two reasons.  One to ensure that this code is not confused with the Master Customer Code, and two, when you view your client list, all the warehouse location codes will appear at the top of list, and will be grouped together and not used in error in the other modules.

Your entry will create shipping and billing customer records and ordering and remittance supplier records, as well as the warehouse record.  In situations where customer and supplier records already exist, only the warehouse record would be created.  The information needed to create the warehouse record is extracted from the existing files.

Clearly label by naming your location; such as Gun Web Warehouse 1; and enter the appropriate address details and relevant labels for accounting.


You can now build Customer Specific Inventory records and assign them to a warehouse, receive and release stock.



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