Export Customer Email Addresses into csv file

If you need to export your customer details to use in Excel or other third party programs, there are two options. 

Option 1. General Data Export

If you do not have the Prospecting module, use the Data Export function in the Utilities module. 

Select the appropriate data table, for example, if you need customer information you will need to run two exports of both customer shipping and customer billing tables.  Typically, the customer shipping should suffice, but if you require both data types, you will need to filter, sort, and merge within Excel to achieve a combined data source.

> Go, Utilities, Data Export.  Choose your Table.


You then need to decide which fields you wish to have in your Data Export.  The list on the left shows the available data fields and the area on the right shows the fields you have selected.  You can either choose to Select All or you can pick individually by double-clicking the required field.

NOTE: Choose the Customer Billing table if you need a list of your customer email addresses.


When you have the fields you require listed in the Selected Fields area, you can generate the export.

> Commands, Export

This will initially produce a Xebra screen with your data export results, click the EXPORT button and save the file with a .csv extension.  This prepares the data so it can be read in Excel.



Option 2. Prospecting Export

If you have the Prospecting Module you can run an unfiltered global Mail Merge export via the Actions menu in Prospecting, then select export and save the file as a .csv file.  This can then be opened in Excel and filtered and sorted into a manageable data source for marketing purposes.


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