Category - Quantity Break Restriction

We have a function that will globally turn off specified quantity breaks for SPECIFIC Sub Categories. 

MPS uses 8 Quantity breaks, and these are generally 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2500 but sometimes these can be different depending on the MOQ of the supplier and the sub category the product is in. 


You can turn off quantity breaks by SUB CATEGORY by telling the system which ones to show.

To do this go to the Admin Panel

Then click Category - Quantity Break Restriction


Here is an example of when we dont specify which quantity breaks to show, it shows as normal, whatever the supplier quantity breaks are: FOR CAPS

If we decide to remove quantity price break 1 and 2 for the SUB CATEGORY of CAPS, we would need to do this:


1. Search for CAPS


Tick the quantity breaks YOU WANT TO SHOW

and click Save Configuration 



and this is how it turns out: FOR EVERY ITEM IN THE CAPS CATEGORY


so now only quantity breaks 3 onwards will show if the supplier has them. 


if you wish to UNDO your selections, to go back the DEFAULT, all you need to do is tick ALL BOXES and click Save Configuration 



  • This is a GLOBAL effect, and will affect every single product SUB CATEGORY by every supplier in the system. 
  • This change will stay in place even through catalogue updates, you only need to set this up once. 
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