FAQ: Why isn't my Custom Range Showing?

If you have just uploaded your custom range, and your range isn't showing at all, there are a couple of things you can check to get them to show.


1. Check that all of the permissions have been ticked

Go to View Range Permissions which is down the bottom of the page of the Admin Panel

Click on Not Logged in User and make sure your range is ticked, press submit.

do the same for Clients and Users. 

After you have ticked your range on all 3 permission areas, log out and then log back in to see the change. Your range should be searchable now. 


2. Check to see if your range has markups - if it doesnt, it wont show. 

Go to Edit/View/Remove Existing Suppliers 

Find your supplier and click EDIT

Click Edit/Set Margin


Make sure you have markup valued entered - it should look similar to this:


3. Check to see if you have run the SEO Titles function (If your site has this feature)

If you havent run this, and try and click on a product, it will take you back to the home page because the product url titles havent been created yet.





If all else fails, contact Gun Web Systems for further assistance. 


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