Editing Developer Specially Designed Pages

Sometimes when a developer creates a page for you, depending on the special effects used, the content editor will look different to how a regular person would upload content. This is because they use special code and CSS to make the page more advanced like rollover highlights, special buttons, and other special effects.

You can edit this area, by following the below instructions. 

Remember not to change anything thats there, only text, images and links may be deleted and replaced.


1. Find out the size of the images you need to replace. You can do this by copying the image into a paint program to see the size in pixels or right click the image and click INSPECT and see what the size is there like this:



Our example is this big:

2. Resize your new image to match the EXACT dimensions. The images on this page are specifically resized to fit nicely together so altering the size will affect the original layout. Save it as a JPG on your desktop or specified folder.

3. Log into the website as a User and go to the page you want to edit by clicking the Edit icon


4. Scroll down to the editor box, find the image you want to replace, click it once to highlight it and press delete. Once you remove the image, the curser will remain where the image was, dont move it, instead click the Add/Edit Image Button 


5. Upload your new image

Upload Tab > Choose File > Send to Server > Insert


6. Your new image has now been replaced.

7. If it has text underneath, highlight the text and type in the new text over it


8. Once text is changed and still highlighted, you can add a new link if needed by clicking Add/Edit Link button



9. Once its all complete, save your work by hitting the Submit button and check your work




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