Automatically append additional page templates


To add additional pages, such as your Terms & Conditions, to your Xebra Documents.


Go, Setup, Printing, Document Setup

Open the template you wish to add a page to

Then select Additional Page Templates



Here you will be prompted with three options, Edit, Add, Delete.

To make new document, select ADD.



You can use the document template editor to make your additional page.  You will be able to use the same data fields as shown in the relevant template document.

Once prepared, save your new template.


Go back to your list of Document Templates



Double click the template you want to add the additional page to.

Select the EDIT menu, and then OPTIONS



The following pop up window will appear.



Open the drop down field labelled as Automatically append additional page.

Select the new page you have just created in Additional Page Templates.

Click OK, and then save your new document template.










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