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Every Xebra E-Commerce site is governed by a set of HTML pages.  “Out of the box”, these pages are set and do not require any adjustments.  Xetex does provide more advanced HTML governing aesthetics and functions.  This advanced HTML provides greater flexibility and easier E-Commerce customizations.  There is no need for you to be familiar with HTML programming to take advantage of this feature, as beyond the initial setup, this configuration will be directly managed by Xetex programmers. There is no limit to the number of Xetex managed configurations you may have.  Typically, you will want to confer with Xetex Tech Support during the setup process.

12 Xetex Manage HTML


To create an HTML Configuration, GO > E-Commerce > Actions > HTML Setup

 Commands > New

New Configuration Based on Standard – Select this option and click OK.
New Code – Assign a code to the configuration you are creating.  Often, you will be instructed by Xetex Tech Support as to what code to use.  (maximum 9 characters).  Please use the code NEWLOOK.
Description – Each configuration should be given a description outlining its purpose or use.  “Xetex Managed” is sufficient unless you have multiple Xetex managed configurations.
Let Xetex Manage This Set of HTML Templates – Select this option to allow Xetex Tech Support access to this HTML Configuration and associated page files.
Global HTML – By default, Xebra will use the basic “out of the box” configuration for all new E-Commerce sites.  Selecting Global HTML on a configuration sets that configuration as the default for all future sites and any sites that have not had any specific HTML Configuration indicated.  Note: Only one HTML Configuration can be set as Global.
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