Multi Decoration Custom Calculator

How the Multi Decoration Custom Calculator works.

Find the appropriate product and click "Custom Calc" to bring up the calculator.



1. Select the quantity level Button

2. Select the quantity you wish to begin with


3. You can edit the Markup Rate here

4. You can edit the Margin here

5. You can edit the Quantity here. If you want to make it 110 you can do so.

6. If you want to give this a discount you can enter that here. Example: 3% discount would be written as 3.0 and a 10% discount would be written as 10.0

7. If there is a once off freight cost, enter in here. Example could be $20.00

8. If you want to apply a markup/margin to the Freight cost, you can do so here.


9. The Decoration Type will automatically start here in the Selected List. It will choose whatever the first decoration is in the dropdown menu. This case it is Supplied Plain. 

10. If you want to edit this particular decoration click the Edit Button and change the values in Unit Cost and Setup. 


11. If you want to Import a Decoration from your existing list, click Import Decoration

12. Select from the drop down menu

13. Click ADD


14. It will then add your decoration to the Selected List. You can remove or edit them here.


15. If you want to ADD a new decoration, click the ADD NEW tab

16. Select the Supplier the Decoration comes from

17. Enter the custom decoration name

18. Enter the Unit Value of the Decoration

19. Enter the Setup Cost in Total



21. This shows you the Decoration Total Cost for this quantity. You can Mark it up or change Margin value on it if you want.

22. Logo Setup. Shows Total Cost for this quantity. You can Mark it up or change Margin value on it if you want.

23. Change freight rate here if needed. If you want 3% freight added, you can add it as 3.0

24. If you want to update the Ex Sell Price to a particular value, say $32.00, you click "Update Sell Price" 25. Enter in the new value, then click "Price Re-Calculate" to re-calculate the margins. 


26. This shows the job GP information

27. Click ADD TO QUOTE REQUEST if you only want to add this quantity line and nothing else

28. Click ADD TO QUOTE REQUEST + COPY DATA INTO ANOTHER QTY: if you want to quote another quantity of the same item and information. Example 100, 250, 500.



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